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Happy days are here again, I get another Toby Daye!

The Winter Long - Seanan McGuire

The Toby Daye books have cemented themselves as one of my favorite series ever, and while this one doesn't live among my favorites of the series, it was still an exciting pleasure to read and I'm sure I'll revisit it in the future.


Years ago, while trying to track down the missing wife and daughter of the liege, October Daye got discovered and turned into a fish for over a decade. By the time the enchantment broke, her life had been torn apart and she's never forgiven the man who did it. So when that same man shows back up with seemingly impossible news, and another person from her past shows up against all logic, she's forced to re-examine many of her assumptions.


Toby is her usual self, reckless enough to get believably into trouble but responsible enough to figure out a way to get out with a minimum of horrible things happening. And this book more than any other really rewards those who've stuck with the series through the whole run. I am not sure, but it felt like there were references to the events of every other book in this one, and many of them tied in intrinsically to the plot here. And the plot is really difficult to predict, in a good way. It kept surprising me, and that means I kept needing to read a little more.


This volume suffered, for me, from the necessary backseating of my two favorite characters. The focus was very heavily on Toby and Tybalt, and that's fine, that's what this book needed - I just didn't enjoy that as much as I enjoy reading about the characters who are my most favorites. :D


If you like this series, you're going to like this one. If you're looking for a jumping on point for the series... this probably isn't it. I think you could get what was going on, but you'll definitely be missing something if you start here.