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Natsume's Book of Friends , Vol. 17 - Yuki Midorikawa

The real high point of this issue, for me at least, was the two part backstory we get for Natori in the latter half of the boko.


Nattori, as a young man who can see yokai living in a family that used to be famed exorcists but which has largely lost the ability to see the supernatural. In their fear of retaliation for their years of exorcising spirits, they try to stay out of that life and to keep Natori out of it as well. But his life is different from theirs, and so he enters that world in an attempt to find the answers he feels he needs.


What he finds instead of answers is Matoba, running series antagonist, with whom he forms a complicated relationship. They're not friends, but there is an understanding there and an acceptance of knowledge, and that they are facing some of the same things. It was interesting because their prickly relationship has been apparent since they were both first mentioned together, but to see the genesis of the whole thing was a real treat. The story is well paced and the art lovely, as alwys.


The other two stories in this volume feel a little bit repetitive, as the first involves a human/yokai relationship that went wrong and the second involves Natsume getting involved in playing a game with yokai that ends up having unintended consequences. They're both cute, but I didn't feel like either one brought anything much new to the series.