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Owning this one is a blessing

Cursed Pirate Girl: The Collected Edition, Volume One - Jeremy Bastian

Sometimes, I'm just in the mood for a fairytale. The sort of story where the adventures happen because that's what the world offers if you go out your front door. The world where the fantastic is commonplace and unremarkable, where the unusual is everyday and where the greatest peril is escapable if you keep your wits about you and learn when to help and when to rebel.


Cursed Pirate Girl is a fairytale in this vein, and beautifully so. It's Alice In Wonderland by way of Peter Pan but with its own dark, wild tone that puts me more in mind of the old Grimm tales. The Cursed Pirate Girl is on a quest to find her father, a pirate captain on a mysterious sea, and everything extends from that basic premise. And I love it. I love the imagination, the mystery, the sense of adventure and the quirkiness of the characters. This was just a lot of fun to read.


But even if not? Even if I wasn't enamored with the story? This book would be worth it anyway for the sheer presentation. In grand Archaia style, the book is a beautiful hardcover with truly unusual paper - off-white and feeling somewhat weathered, with uneven sides that give it almost a handcrafted feel. And the art... the detail put into this book by creator Jeremy Bastian can have to staring at each page for ages, checking out all the little details in the characters, in the backgrounds, in everything. This is just a beautiful book, something worth a place in the collection of anyone who loves comics as a medium.