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A haunted house

The Well - Jack Cady

John Tracker escaped his boyhood home, but now, with a new road coming through, he's been asked to tear the place down. Doing so means returning to the place he left so long ago - and with good reason. (Also, is this a thing that they can do? It's not like the road was running through the house, the officials were just worried it would cause rubbernecking accidents. Well, whatever).


So John goes back, determined to flatten the place, flatten his memories along with it, and move on with his life, but the house has other ideas. It's haunted by a lot of things, from the traps his family had built in generation after generation to the literal spirits of those gone before and trapped inside the walls.


It's a genuinely fascinating setup and setting, with the home both as place and as enemy. John Tracker's growing, changing relationship to the house can be great, and at times there was a genuinely spooky mood. But the book was let down by small things - by his girlfriend coming across as kind of an idiot, by occasional bouts of repetitiveness and an ending that I honestly didn't find all that satisfying.


Was it worth it? Oh, definitely. It was worth it just for the house, though I would have loved a better feel for what the place looked like overall. John was interesting, and the author made the great decision to lead every chapter with the biography of various members of the Tracker family, good and bad. If you like creepy books, it definitely gets in the right ballpark, even if it fell short in some ways.