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Fun, if predictable

The Dragon Business - Kevin J. Anderson, James Langton

If you pick this book up after reading the blurb on the back, be warned - the plot it suggests stops short of explaining the whole thing. The plot it blurbs ends at about the 2/3ish mark.

King Cullen decides to take his son (such a dismissive caricature of the limp-wristed intellectual that I half expected the story to suggest the kid might be - gasp! - gay for added eye-rolling) to a bar and tell him a story from his past. The framing device, which common and lampshaded, was also almost entirely unneeded. It added nothing to the story except to assure us that certain characters aren't in any danger of dying. Not exactly sure why the author decided to go with it.  But anyway...

The main story concerns out narrator, Cullin, joining up with a couple people who spend their time faking dragon attacks and then "slaying" the beast for a tidy reward. It's an interesting life... until a real dragon decides to throw a wrench in it.

If you've read some of the other fantasy books that feature this sort of con-job-turned-real story, then you know exactly what you're getting into. And it's a perfectly acceptable version of that tale. There's many anachronisms adding a dash of humor to the story if you find that sort of thing amusing rather than irritating (I was on the fence - some worked and some made me roll my eyes). The characters are interesting and varied.

Honestly, if there's an equivalent for a popcorn flick in novels, this book is in that category. Nothing unusual or special, but a quick, enjoyable and generally inoffensive (at least excepting where it intends to offend). If it sounds like something you might want to read, pick it up. You'll probably enjoy it.