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On the Nightside

Agents of Light and Darkness - Simon R. Green

Agents of Light and Darkness follows a gent in a paranormal underworld as he tries to find a particular item for a client - a specialty of his.


Of course, this item is the unholy grail, the cup of Judas, and there are angels and demons all trying to find the thing before him, so things are a little bit wild.


This book, the second in a series, is in a weird place and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it. A lot of the time it was just fun, with the setpieces being action-packed and the characters diverse and interesting. But sometimes it went a little too far for me in its world-building, to the point where I fell out of the story to roll my eyes. (f'rinstance a werewolf whose jacket says "Leader of the Pack.") It's like it almost wanted to be an urban fantasy parody at times, but couldn't quite commit.


That being said, it was light fun, a super-quick read with an ending that worked well even if it was sort of visible a mile off. I may have to dig up more of this series.