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The All-New Atom, Vol. 1: My Life in Miniature - Eddy Barrows, Gail Simone, Trevor Scott, John Byrne The All-New Atom, Vol. 2: Future/Past - Gail Simone, Mike Norton, Eddy Barrows, Andy Owens, Trevor Scott

All-New Atom Vol. 1 - My Life in Miniature

I found this to be a not terribly original but thoroughly enjoyable superhero romp - and that coming from someone who's never really been a fan of any of the plethora of growing and shrinking superheroes in Marvel and DC.


Ryan Choi and his supporting cast of family, coworkers and baddies are the real draw I think. The story here - Ryan discovering Roy Palmer's old size change belt and then getting drawn into a war between magic and science that the belt engendered - holds together, but barely. But the dialogue and interactions were a lot of fun, and the book didn't require prior knowledge of DC cannon, which was nice.


All-New Atom Vol. 2 - Future/Past

Like the first volume, a mixed bag here. Again, I like the characters and their interactions. I find the plots are a little weird though. Like the first one, where we meet a time traveller who's literally been cut in half and yet is just hanging out. The reveal at the end of that mini arc felt a bit anticlimactic.


Then Ryan returns home to the girl he's always loved and has to face his high school bully. Only the guy took a level in serious since high school and is super dangerous. And even ignoring that this series so far has a real lack of positive female characters, this one was just... eh. A grown man and professor at a university facing his mentally unstable high school bully feels weird, and the end here was also a bit unsatisfying.