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Not the Turtles I was looking for

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time - Paul Allor, Erik Burnham, Ross Campbell, Charles Paul,  III Wilson, Ben Bates

What it's about: Just what it says on the tin. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are lost in time, making stops at four different periods while their time-traveling friend Renet keeps trying unsuccessfully to catch and communicate with them.


Thoughts: Eh. I wanted to love it, or at least like it, but my final vote was a solid eh and a 2.5-star rating. Maybe it's that it felt too much like the recent story of Batman doing the same thing. Maybe it's just that without reading the ongoing, I was missing something about the interactions here. But I found the story serviceable with occasional bouts of awesomeness, no more.


The art varied from issue to issue, and I found I liked the latter two but disliked the first two. First issue just felt way too young looking, and the second was... let's go with lumpy. Great for something else maybe, but it was jarring as a contrast form the first issue. The latter two were nice though, in lines and colors both.


I think of all of them, storywise I liked the final issue best. Not only did it have the payoff, it also had a genuinely introspective moment for one of the Turtles. But I was a bit disappointed with this overall.