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Quantum and Woody Volume 2: In Security TP - James Asmus, Ming Doyle Quantum and Woody Volume 3: Crooked Pasts, Present Tense - Tom Fowler, James Asmus, Kano

Book 2

Military cults, white supremacists and Don't Ask Don't Tell. Sounds like a perfect recipe for humor, right?


In the context of this book, it completely is. Volume 2 of Quantum and Woody gives us some backstory on our main characters. It also gives us some very broad characterizations that would be familiar - and maybe a turn-off - to American readers. The racist rednecks who love their guns more than is healthy? Yeah. The military hoo-rah type who ALSO loves his guns too much? Can I get an amen.


Honestly, that might be my one big complaint about this book. It just spends so darn long on the clashing of those two worldviews. But when it's on that section is on. And the rest of it... well, it lampoons some of the issues fledgling heroes might run into. Like mistaking normal activities for crime. Or stumbling into crime by total accident.


Another fun, funny entry in this series.


Book 3

In the finale, we get the return of the E.R.A. as they reveal they have a deep secret -about Quantum and Woody's past!


Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun!


In the same way we got a lot of backstory on Quantum in book 2, we get more on Woody in book 3. And while with Quantum it almost felt a little *too* set up (probably for the political affiliation joke), Woody's feels like it doesn't really make him more sympathetic, or teach us anything new about him. It turns out it's exactly what I'd expect from Woody when he was younger. Which isn't to say it was bad, but I dunno... maybe I expected more?


That all being said, the book wraps thins up really nicely, puts a bow on the character arcs of this opening salvo in what will hopefully be an expanded run, and continues to be quite entertaining. :D