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Saving Earth and his own skin

Legendary Star-Lord Volume 1: Face It, I Rule - Sam Humphries, Paco Medina, Freddie Williams

Star-Lord in all his adventurous space-faring glory. Part Han Solo, part Robin Hood, and totally running away from some un-expanded-on moment in his recent past that's left him haunted. We get a huge, living jail, Thanos, and even an early mention of the Black Vortex.

This book feels really short, but it collects the first five issues of this series. Star-Lord spends most of his time trying to get out of jails and figure out what he wants from his relationship with Kitty Pryde on Earth. The book is trying to be light and actiony, and mostly it succeeds, but the drawback to that is that some of the characters just don't get much characterization - even pretty important ones. Also, while the humor is pretty thick on the ground, sometimes it just feels like it's trying too hard, to the detriment of the scene.

The bit with Thanos was definitely the high point of this collection for me - and oddly, one of the least funny bits. The dark references to their "truce" hint at things to come.

Overall, not a bad start to the series, and the hints of darker stuff coming are enough to carry a thread through it. Plus, Star-Lord in a cowboy hat. I mean, come in. What beats that?