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Let's go with "not my thing"

Attacked on a Tiger's Whim - Mario Yamada, Mizura Nakamura

Well, this was a thing I read. I usually rely on friend recommendations to find awesome new reads, but I suspect this is looking for a more specialized reader than I. I like manga, and I have nothing against explicit, erotic stories of any kind.


But this book is predicated on the idea of rape-into-love. And while that's not something I like, it's something I can accept when it's well done. But in this book it was rather... let's go with abrupt. It wasn't like a date gone too far, or questionable circumstances, or anything like that. No, it was a couple out-of-the-blue assaults and then love!


This was recommended to me as a pretty funny book, and to be fair, at times it was. But it wasn't enough to overcome the fact that this just isn't my thing, and that occasionally the action was just hard to follow. It was like panels went missing.