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To hell and... back? (Maybe later)

Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 8 - Kaori Yuki Angel Sanctuary - 9 - Kaori Yuki

Angel Sanctuary 8

Setsuna is trying to figure out how to get his sister back, and now also how to deal with the whole body-being-dead, stuck-in-another-body thing. But Michael's on a rampage and determined to get him some old-fashioned blood and mayhem, one way or the other.


Meanwhile in Heaven, the angel Jibril has woken up. But she's not quite how people remember her.


Honestly, while I love the adventure part of Setstuna's travels, the part at this point that I want to know more about is the sordid struggle for power in Heaven and all the ways people will hurt and kill one another in order to climb to the top of that pile. And speaking of machinations - in this volume we finally start to see some of the ways in which Hell is moving as well, as they angle to bring Kurai in as a bride of Lucifer. How? The way all demons do.



Angel Sanctuary 9

Goodness, this volume. Death. Betrayal. Secrets. And of course, the story literally goes to Hell. Another fantastic volume.