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Archer & Armstrong Vol. 1: The Michelangelo Code - Fred Van Lente

The comics world is full of team-ups, but this might be a little more unusual than most. Archer is the child of religious fanatics, sent on a mission in the name of Jesus and Capitalism - to kill a great evil. However that evil turns out to be a hard-living immortal who really just wants to be left alone to enjoy life and maybe forget about a few things.


The plot of this one seems to be a sort of Dan Brown meets weird sci-fi mashup, and honestly, I kind of love it. The relationship reminds me a bit of The Doctor and his companions, if his companions were hyper-competent in the martial arts. Ther's evil combat nuns, mysteries from ancient times and a surprising bit of heartfelt interaction, which kept this book grounded in real emotion.


Overall, I liked it a lot and plan to pick up the next volume.