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The Queen Is Dead - Kate Locke

I liked a lot of what the first book in this series had to offer, but I also had some big issues with it. But this one? It's like everything I had trouble with got addressed.


Once again, we start with news of a sinister happening with one of Xandra's siblings - in this case, her brother Valentine has gone missing. And with some of what we know about the sort of people who might have taken him, things aren't looking good.


But even as Xandra tries to track him down - and she has to do some real work to follow his trail - she's facing trouble from two other fronts. First, with the reveal of what she actually is at the end of the previous book, the humans are stirred up and angry. Sure, she could take a few humans down, but in numbers even she's in trouble, and someone seems to be inciting them against her . And second... Xandra doesn't have the best temper. And while she usually levels it against people who deserve it, it does get her in trouble, especially when combined with the above.


Even her love interest Vex worked better for me in this one, as his steadfastness really provided a complement to her frenetic pace.


I love Xandra a lot. She's snarky, but self-aware enough to know when she's gone too far and when she's being silly about something. But she rarely lets it get out of hand, which I appreciate. She's snarky and a little bit vulgar in the best way, and she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.


I am pretty sad I only have one more book here to read.