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The reign has ended

Long Live the Queen - Kate Locke

A solid conclusion to this series. :) Though I really wish there were more.


A new monster is terrorizing the city, and Xandra has to work together with all sorts of strange bedfellows to try to bring peace back to the people. Things from previous books are brought in, interpersonal loose ends are tied up, and our main character continues to be her awesome self.


This book got a little more into the politics of this world than previous ones had, and as someone who loves political fantasy, that kinda tweaked my interest. And the sheer power and danger of the enemy they face was fascinating to me.


Overall, I found this enjoyable, I rec the series for people who like urban fantasy stuff. It feels a bit wish-fulfillment-y, but that's not a bad thing. In fact, it's pretty refreshing to get that from a book with a woman as the protagonist. :)