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To Hell... and Heaven

Angel Sanctuary Deluxe Vol. 10 - Kaori Yuki, Masao Yamamoto Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 11 - Kaori Yuki, Kaori Yuki

Angel Sanctuary 10

Setsuna, in Alexiel's body, goes to Hell ot try to save Kurai. But, never a shrinking violet, Kurai is trying to save herself. Unfortunately, she gets bounced from the realm of one of the great denizens of Hell to another, and all of them have their own purposes.


As for Setsuna, he's trying to help, while Noyz is a captive of Hatter and Arachne. We get some of the backstory of Arachne, which I actually liked and wished we got a bit more in-depth with. While what she's doing is wrong, you can understand the horror and frustration of what happened before.


the book ends on a heck of a cliffhanger, as they cut through the floor of the wedding area to find something terribly unexpected.


This one was fast-paced and introduced a bevy of interesting characters. I'm just afraid it didn't spend enough time on a lot of it to really flesh them out, which is a shame.


Angel Sanctuary 11

The wedding has been halted for the moent, but if it's stopped, all of Hell could be the collateral damage. Meanwhile in Heaven, we start to get a better look at Raziel, and the damage that his innocence and desire to help people can actually cause in as horrible a place as Heaven has become.


We also get a look at Zaphikiel's backstory - how he came to be who he is, what happened to his eyes and who exactly he works for.


And meanwhile, on Earth, Kato is back, and he and Uriel work together to get Raphael to resurrect Setsuna's real body. But the space they create is outside reality in a way, and it might prevent what he's trying to do. Not to mention, someone is watching them from afar, but whose reach is very long.


This is basically the halfway point in terms of length, but the story has entered its final chapter. They're going to Heaven, a place that's become nearly as corrupted and horrible as Hell. And Setsuna won't come back without saving Sara. Love it. :)