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A cute adventure

The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress

The Friday Society follows a group of three young women taking on danger in an attempt to protect the people of their city and stop bad people from doing bad things. Its three primary protagonists - Cora, Nellie and Michiko - all have their own reasons for doing so and their own backgrounds that give them something to bring to the table. And honestly, it's a mixed bag.

Starting with the good, all three of the girls have their own narrative voice that's distinct and interesting. Their enthusiasm is somewhat infectious - if I'm being honest (and I've no reason not to be) their attitudes were what kept me going through this book more than anything else. It's a quick read, with a lot of entertaining parts. And I admit I love the sort of comic-book approach it takes to bad guys, and science, and all sorts of things.

I do wish the story was a little more... cohesive, maybe? The actual mystery of who was doing bad things didn't seem all that engaging to me. I suppose it might be a side effect of this being the first book in the series - the plot perhaps suffered in an effort to give all three of the girls plenty of time on their own, to establish their situations and personalities. This does mean they actually don't get to their full-on team-up until later in the book than I would have liked.

You know, the more I think about it, the more like a superhero team-up book this feels. There's ever an adorable section where they come up with their secret identities.

I'm certain I'll be going on to book 2 after this. But I'll admit, it wasn't engaging enough that I NEED to read it right now. It's a fun book, but I felt like it had way more potential than it actually used. I truly expect that it will. After all, for me the best part of this book was the last bit, when the girls are all working as a team.