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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection Volume 3 - Peter Laird

I love these collections. I love them so much. :)


The stories in the first half of this book are okay - the series was entering a time of friction between the creators, so the stories are more one-shots, with varying tones. Some are more lighthearted, some are more serious. They explore different genre conventions as well - one is highly noir, for instance, and another fully embraces the superhero comics that led to our turtle heroes in the first place. I don't think any were bad, but some were definitely less engaging than others.


The best of the set was the three-part Return to New York story arc, which was intense and moody, if maybe a little too dark at times. A lot of the various personalities really came out, the fights were great, and of course, there's that climactic battle. :)


But again, for me the highlight of the book is the commentary pages by Eastman and Laird. In this one, it takes on a bit of a different tone. If you're familiar with the series and its history, you've probably heard that all was not well between the two creators, and this book starts to chronicle some of that - it's part of the reason for the different tone and feel, as the two were working on separate issues at this point. but seeing it in their commentaries helped explain exactly how it happened.


Plus, just hearing about what parts of the books each one liked or didn't is always interesting just from a book construction standpoint. :)