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Nimona -  Noelle Stevenson,  Noelle Stevenson

I was exceedingly lucky in May to have three different books so good that I stayed up late or got up early to read them. You know the sort - the one where the need to find out what happens next becomes a little like withdrawl, and the effect on leaving the book until later is really difficult?


This was the only one of those in comic form (The other two being "Hounded" and "The Tears of the Rose.") Nimona is the story of... well, Nimona. She shows up at villain Ballister Blackheart's side, ready to burn the world down in furtherence of his evil, with a fervor that even startles him as he continues his crusade against the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics and his old classmate Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin.


If those names are making you roll your eyes in a bad way, stop right now and don't consider this book. There's a loving but deeply snarky skewering of a lot of conventions going on here, many you've seen before, but in a way it's also playing straight with them. If that sort of cheesiness is going to bother you, this book is probably going to irritate.


Anyway, Blackheart is convinced the Institute actually isn't all that lawful and heroic and is out to prove it, and maybe avenge himself some in the process. But at first, he's a little taken aback by the straight up venom in Nimona. She thinks nothing of killing and hurting people, destroying things and generally being villainous.


But don't think that Nimona is one of those Batman-wannabe dark and violent sorts. She's violent, and she's sometimes angry, but she's also lively and fun, joyful in her powers and driven by something inside. I really loved reading about her, and given how much he seems to value her by the end, Blackheart feels the same way.


Overall, this story doesn't go anywhere you don't expect it to go, plot-wise. If you're looking for unexpected twists and turns, go elsewhere. But if you're looking for a sweet, hilariously deadpan fantasy story with characters you'll come to really love, you owe it to yourself to give this one a shot. It's very funny and (keep in mind I am a wuss when it comes to books) it also got me teary at points. It's well worth the very short time it takes to read - I think it maybe took me half an hour. (So yeah, I didn't interrupt my sleep schedule TOO much for it, but I only intended to read a couple pages to see what it was like before bed!)