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High action and one tiny quibble

Fairy Tail 48 - Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail is really good at ramping the energy and firepower up book after book without making it seem absurd - or at least, without making it seem out of place with regards to the absurdity of the universe Mashima has created. :) But I gotta admit, this time it goes a little funny for me.

In an attempt to resurrect Zeref and take all the magic from the world and yadda yadda yadda, Mard Geer is attempting to detonate face  with Kyoka's help. He finds himself waylaid and inconvenienced by Natsu and a few other dragon slayers, while Kyoka battles Erza and in the skies, Igneel and Achnologia fight it out. There's a lot going on, and for the most part, it's excellent. I'd have a hard time disliking a dragon fight, of course, and the fight with Mard Geer is actually really intense. As a battle, even the Erza and Kyoka fight is interesting, but here's the think. Kyoka has removed all of Erza's senses - all of them - and then enhanced her pain receptors. Which, as far as I understand, rely on your sense of touch. Which she took away from Erza.

I know, I know, Shonen manga, just enjoy the fight and don't think about it too much, but it really did keep bothering me. Not enough to make me dislike the book though - it was just enough that every time we cut back t that particular fight, my brain took a brief time-out to go "really? Really now?"