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Ugh. Crossovers...

Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 2: Rise of the Black Vortex - Sam Humphries, Paco Medina

I don't get why crossovers can't be unobtrusive.


In the case of this book, the crossover in question was the Black Vortex storyline. It occurred in segments in I believe three different books. And while I'm not a huge fan of that, I understand why it happens. But it presents a problem when trying to collect the issues.


There was a crossover a while ago between I think Deadpool and the Thunderbolts. And when they collected it, they just put the whole crossover in its own book, and the people collecting either could get it and get the whole story. I really prefer that method of collecting, but the more common one, it feels, is the one here - they just include what was in the series the volume is collecting and summarize the rest. And it just doesn't really work. The summary doesn't really smooth over the gaps though, and as a result, the whole thing feels stilted and strange.


Now, the first part of this book? That I loved. First, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde are trying to have a date, but with him in space and her on Earth, they're having it holographically, which has to be a little weird. And when you add in that there's mercs trying to get at Peter everyplace they go, it makes to an awkward date. But things get even more awkward when the situation forces Kitty to go to space - which is totally not her thing - and be all badass.


Peter and Kitty have a great chemistry when they're together, which made parts of this book really excellent. The art is solid, and I have a soft spot especially for stories about superheroes doing mundane things. But then the Black Vortex crossover happens and it just doesn't work. Meh.