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Quantum and Woody Volume 4: Quantum and Woody Must Die! TP - Tim Siedell, James Asmus, Steve Lieber

Quantum and Woody Must Die, aka Quantum and Woody vol. 4, sees the collection of a few short stories and the five-part miniseries that gives the book its name. First, Quantum and Woody are asked to help save the Earth from a meteor with the help of another superpowered being.


This has consequences that no one could have guessed - specifically in the form of creating a new foe for our heroes! But that's not all. They've racked up a goodly number of enemies throughout their antics, and some of those come together with one plan in mind - Quantum and Woody must die!


This book is weirdly easy to review. Did you like the earlier Quantim and Woody books? Then you will probably like this one too. It's the same mix of 90% wacky, sometimes highly offensive humor and 10% serious stuff mixed in. The characters continue to be their simple-on-the-surface, complex-at-the-heart balls of mistakes and regret, and you all know you wouldn't have it any other way.


While I enjoy the miniseries that makes up most of this book, I have to say my very favorite part is the new baddie. It's a familiar face with a completely new grudge, and a character who's so uncharacteristic for this series that it's both refreshing and a little bit weird. :)


So, yeah. I love this series, and if you love it, this continues in the same awkward vein. And if you don't know if it's for you, start at the beginning. Somewhere around the talking pregnant cyborg male goat with laser eyes, you're going to probably feel lost.