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Dead end

Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 10 - Kazuma Kondou, Jinsei Kataoka

So, I think I might have run out my interest in this series.


I feel a little guilty. In this volume, things have moved on but the central problem still remains - the Wretched Egg, the being whose power got the whole thing started, is still there, still a danger, and the powers that be want to take everything out once and for all before something horrible happens again.


This should be the high point, the major excitement, but I just... I don't care. Ganta and his persona traumas were almost never the most interesting part of this series for me. The thing that kept me coming back was the absurd premise and how a variety of people reacted to being forced to be part of that absurd premise. So now, with all that stripped away, what we have is Yet Another Shonen Manga with less interesting characters and frankly, MORE characters than it feels like it can reliably give things to do.


In this volume, Makina is getting the Deadmen together again to go back and destroy the root of all their suffering. Since the Deadmen are mostly having trouble reacclimating to life as normal people or normal prisoners, most of them seem pretty cool with the chance to get back in the action. But Ganta is hesitant because, unlike the rest, he knows who they'll have to kill and he's not sure he can do it. To his credit, at least they don't dwell on his indecision too long. We all knew what path he was going to take.


Now, if you're invested i his personal journey, his obstacles, his relationship with Shiro and his angst, then I think you'll enjoy this arc. And I don't think this is a bad book in and of itself. But it just does so little that interests me personally, that I'm having trouble working up any interest in paying money for the right to read more of this.