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Sword and Mist (digital only) (Yaoi Manga) - Hayate Kuku

Zhen, an assassin, known as a Wolf, is hired to take out a horrifying official known for torturing young women to death. When the Wolf finds his target, he also finds himself drawn to the alluring women the villain is eyeing as his own next target. He figures he can take care of two things at once - kill him and save her. Except she doesn't need saving - as it turns out, she's actually a fellow assassin from a rival family who can take care of himself.


As it turns out, it takes both of them to get out of that predicament, and once they're free, they have some hot forest sex. As you do in that situation, I guess.


Thus begins their on-again-off-again relationship, a push and pull neither of them wants to admit to wanting at first. And it's interesting to me because a lot of this feels like some of the other samurai-style books I've read, with shades of House of Five Leaves and Usagi Yojimbo in the world and action. Except that there's sex at the end of each mini story. :)


This is a pretty interesting book, but not a terribly compelling one. If you want samurai action, there's better out there. If you're in it for the sex, well, it feels like they could have some a little more, but it was pretty decently done and the end up in some inventive positions. Since I'm not well-read in this genre I can't really talk too much about that, but I can say I've seen worse.


So, I can't really recommend this, but it was an interesting read, and I don't feel like I wasted my time.