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Nov. 20!

Alias, Vol. 1 - Jeph Loeb, Michael Gaydos, Brian Michael Bendis

With the TV series coming up soon, Marvel re-offered Alias, and I decided to give it a go. After all, I'd read Jessica Jones before, in the original Young Justice series, and I liked her there, so maybe I'd like this one too?




Jessica Jones is a former superhero who decided to move into a second life as a private investigator. She doesn't regret it much. No, seriously. She doesn't miss it, she swears. She wasn't right for it and who would know better than she? But her actions give lie to that at every turn - she clearly hates snooping around people's personal lives sees her own personal life (such as it is) as a train wreck and yet she keeps trying to help people at every turn - even to her own detriment.


The tales in this book were really interesting - a variety of folks come to her for help, and somehow, stuff keeps going wrong. Her superhero friends are sort of there for her, but also sort of not. She's in a weird limbo place for superheroes and it makes for a slightly different read from the norm.


This is a Brian Michael Bendis book, and that means a certain kind of dialogue. If you know the name, you also probably know if you like that style or if you hate it. Me, I usually like his writing, but in this one the choppy dialogue even got to me a little bit. It wasn't bad but it could get irritating to follow at times.


But this is a great character who wouldn't be out of place in one of today's awesome urban fantasy series, and I am definitely looking forward to both more of this comic series and the TV show!