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Feet of Clay (Discworld Series)

Feet of Clay (Discworld, #19) - Terry Pratchett The third installment in the Night Watch books is the strongest of the first three,going much further into serious territory than the previous two. The mystery was well-developed, and once it's all over, rereads show that this mystery, more than the previous two, was also a lot more possible to solve ahead of time. As always, Pratchett has a lot to talk about socially withing the framework of a comedic fantasy world. Acceptance and prejudice, class warfare and economic realities can all get played off for jokes... and then you really think about what he's saying.Major new characters I love from this installment include Dorfl,a stoic and hardworking (as programmed) golem and Cheery Longbottom, a dwarf who, if I'm being honest, is probably my favorite Discworld character. All in all I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend at least try this book.