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Dreadnought (Clockwork Century Series #3)

Dreadnought - Cherie Priest Life has hardened Nurse Mercy, who's spent years patching up war wounded in a US civil war that seems endless. But when her personal circumstances change abruptly, she packs up and heads west to meet a father she barely remembers - along the way using her knowledge, skills, courage and intelligence to help many people she meets who are hurt in one way or another by the war. This comes to a head on a train pulled the title vehicle, the Dreadnought, a huge, armed and armored engine. Part adventure, part mystery and part scifi, this steampunk story touches a little bit on some of the characters from the first book in the series, Boneshaker, but mostly follows Nurse Mercy as she travels across the country. The action is quick, the plot moves merrily along and I found I had a hard time putting it down. I don't think this is as good a book as Boneshaker - probably about a 3.5 from me - but its still a really good read and the steampunk elements are woven quite naturally into the narrative in a way I wish more steampunk authors managed.