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Iron Jackal

Iron Jackal - Chris Wooding This had exactly everything I hope for every time I pick up a Ketty Jay book - flawed, likeable characters, wild situations, unusual steampunk-esque details and adventure, adventure, adventure. There's just something so fun and freeing about this series, and this latest installment brings it in spades.For the first time, we get some real development on one of the quietest members of the team. Everyone has a chance to shine. We get train chases, half-mechanical hybrids, mysterious curses and the power of friendship - drunk, sarcastic friendship. The best kind, sometimes :)I love that everyone gets their moments in this book, and not in the usual ways. Harkins... in the spotlight? Pinn... making a difference with something other than his gun or his mouth? Malvery.... well, I don't want to spoil anything, but this is my favorite book for the doc to date. :)