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Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind - Suzanne Fisher Staples I'm really torn about how to rate this book. Many a time, the writing would pull me out, but just as often, the characters and story sucked me right back in. This tale of a young Pakistani girl starting to navigate what it means, in her world, to be a woman is engrossing at times, framed through the eyes of a wildly independent girl in Pakistan who loves living on the desert and caring for her family's camels. The writing gets a bit choppy at times, halting and stuttering in a way I believe is meant to signify the diverging and sometimes disorganized way a young person can think. It is rarely a problem for long, but at times the phrasing felt awkward, or scene transitions a bit jarring.The relationships between the women in this book were subtly explored at times, but always well, and the women are so varied. It was pretty nice to see.