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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer A worthy successor to Cinder, this volume continues following that titular character while adding the title character of its own, Scarlet, a young woman helping her grandmother on a farm in France. When some big bad wolves come into Scarlet's life digging up long-forgotten history and hurting her family, Scarlet gets drawn into a dark horror.Like in the first volume, this book does an incredible job with friendships, especially women's friendships. I hate that its so notable when a book does that well, but there we go. The relationships between Cinder and newcomer Thorne as well as that between Scarlet and her grandmother are believable and well-done, toughing and fun by turns. (And no, the fact that Scarlet and her grandmother are also related does NOT negate their friendship. I know a great many people who don't have a very good friendship with siblings, parents and other relatives. It's entirely different to me.)The newcomers are by and large great - I adored both Scarlet and Thorne. Wolf I could take or leave, but I've never done well with his sort of character. All the angst and "uncontrollable anger" and "I might hurt you" drama just leaves me feeling cold. (Not to mention I could write a whole essay on the "I might hurt you because of my nature" trope, and how it's almost always bestowed on men.) I'm tired of it, but that's largely a function of my particular tastes and not a failing of the character inherently. But Scarlet is brash and demanding and loves with her whole heart when she loves. Clever and strong and just awesome. And Thorne, while being utterly self-absorbed, is funny and pretty brave. (And can I just mention how nice it is to see a guy get dragged along on a woman's adventure rather than vice versa?)This book feels decidedly like a middle book - while there's some resolution of the shorter plot threads, it's clear that the real resolution is to come. That doesn't detract from the story however, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next book!