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Clockwerx - Jean-Baptiste Hostache, Jason Henderson, Tony Salvagio Note the first - if you want to have a lot of mechs in your comic, please make them easy to tell apart. We have decades of visual mech shows and comics to draw frmo and it's virtually a must. I got SO lost in some of the fight scenes in his book when there were multiple mechs going at things.The characters themselves are much easier to tell apart, and there were a few of them well enough developed that I really got invested in their stories by the end. I would have liked *more* all the way around though.so much of this felt rushed, especially in the plot department. Someone mentions toward the end that most of the book is supposed to have taken place over like half a day, which just... wow.Overall, it's a competent and fairly pretty book, though the appropriately dark London steampunk colors often do it no favors. There's nothing really new here if you're much read in steampunk stuff, but it's inpoffensive and has enough that if it falls into your lap it can be worth reading.