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Gambit, Vol. 2: Tombstone Blues - James Asmus, Clay Mann, Pasqual Ferry I really wish this series would stop with the one-shots.The contiguous story is really grabbing me, and I'm enjoying the ride unabashedly. But when we get things like this evolutionary city (and yeah, I know there were aspects of that affecting the overall plot but come ON) it just throws an anchor off the side of the storytelling and just hauls everything to a halt.Joelle isn't a bad character, but once they explain what her deal is, I really wish we could do more with her. However, I guess that's comics - if you're not the title character, odds are good you do your scenes and then you bow out never to be heard from again.Tombstone made for an interesting bad guy in this arc, and the arrival of Rogue was a welcome addition. Overall, I like this less than the first, but still a good addition to any Gambit collection.