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The Merlin Conspiracy - Diana Wynne Jones This book was... okay. Decidedly, deeply, unarguably okay. Not disappointing, not wonderful, just okay.I love much of Jones' work, and to be fair, there are bits of this I loved. But there was just too much... easy? Too much easy. Too much people just happening upon things you knew would be plot points later. Too much characters with only a surface characterization. Too much plot that felt like backfilled plot holes rather than conscious decisions. It was always on the move, and some of the adult characters felt highly interchangable (the whole cast list felt bloated actually, as though we could have got on with a few less people).But action was pretty entertaining. The theme of small things leading to big consequences was nice and woven in greater or lesser extents throughout. And as always, the whole thing was written in that wonderfully serious yet whimsical style Jones is so well known for. I don't at all regret reading this - not only did it have its moments, but it was also a fairly fast read despite the 400-plus pages - but I think I wanted more out of it than I was going to get.