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An Inspector Calls: The Graphic Novel - J.B. Priestley, Will Volley, Alejandro Sanchez, Jim Campbell, Clive Bryant, Jason Cobley Its always nice to see a comic book adaptation that feels like a solid version in its own right, rather than a conversion to comics in order to "dumb it down" and try to appeal to people for whom theater or novel-reading aren't pursuits they choose to follow. Comics are not shorthand for "for idiots" as some conversions seem to believe.I haven't seen the stage version of this, but I suspect I would like it based on this. Solid plot, interesting characters, a hair too much heavy-handedness in its lesson, and a good if tenuous mystery all make the heart of this story rather exciting and made the whole book a compelling read. Finishing a comic book in one sitting is my preferred way of reading them anyway, but this one refused to be put down once I really got into the story.The art has a lot of work to do, as the entire story (with the exception of memories) takes place in the same location and features a number of characters who look very similar. There's pretty much no action either. It's really yeoman's work, and the artist pulls it off rather well.In the end, this tale about classism, social responsibility and plain morality is enjoyable but may not be your cup of tea if you're particularly sensitive to taking discussions and stories about -isms as personal attacks upon yourself.