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X-Men: Longshot - Ann Nocenti, Art Adams Hahaha, oh my gosh, this book you guys. THIS BOOK. I can't even... how do I describe my experiences reading this? How do I sum up my thoughts upon finishing it? It's so all over the place. It's glorious and ridiculous, nonsense-filled and scattered with *incredibly interesting* ideas. It's got amazing bad guys and some boring ones, it's got guest stars who make it work and some who're clearly just there to sell an issue. It's wrapped up in the somewhat creepy attraction almost every female in this book has to our hero, yet full of this disarmingly genuine appreciation for life.It's a fabulous mess! I don't think it's a very good book, but by the gods of fiction, I am glad I read it. And the seeds... the SEEDS were there for a really great story. Longshot as a character has a really unique power and comes from what seems like an unusual background. His wide-eyed enjoyment of our world coupled with his apparent inability to process danger (a side effect of his powers?) make him a wild sort of main character to follow. And the art is mostly solid and sometimes really good, with the colorist getting all the bright and shiny action I'd expect from the period. The dialogue in this book is... its weird. I did often find myself reading a speech bubble two or three times to get what I *thought* they were saying, and it didn't flow naturally at all. But I think if it had been plain old text, it might have relegated the whole book to boring territory. As it was, the unusual speech patterns fed into this weird, warped world the story presented.Are you curious about it? Then check it out. There's certainly merit within the pages. Just don't expect a fine art experience. It's definitely not that sort of superhero book. :)