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The Sands of Time - Justin Richards Reading this book felt a bit like watching an episode of classic Doctor Who - the Doctor and his companions arrive just as Something Bad is about to happen, Something Bad happens, the companions are either largely useless or kidnapped, most of the tangential cast is killed off, the Doctor works out a solution which he must then explain to everyone who ISN'T him because none of the rest of us have the knowledge he has to work from, then they day is saved.Don't take that as an indication I don't like the formula. I'd watch just about any classic Doctor over any modern one any day of the week (New who just getting a little too kill-the-kitten, especially in Tennant's run, for my taste. And anyway, they're not actually all that far off formula) and I could almost see the lovingly silly costume the mummies and Osirians would be wearing. But in this case, with long lulls between action set-pieces and a supporting cast about whom I cared so little that their deaths were non-impactful, it led as it can to a pretty plain story. Not good, not terrible, but somewhere around meh. the time travel solution to their problem was a pretty clever one, and I enjoyed getting some insight into Teegan's mind. I don't regret reading this. But overall... meh.