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City in the Desert: The Monster Problem - Moro Rogers The very best thing a comic book can do, in my opinion, is make you think when you get to the end "Please don't let it be too long before the next part comes out."City in the Desert did this to me in spades. Despite my being fully aware of the nature of comics, despite this clearly being book 1, I was still surprised when I hit the end and was left very much wanting more.Aside from our two leads, the characters are a bit one-dimensional, but the strength of the book is really in the relationship between these two leads and their world - a dangerous place full of monsters, set up in an opening that's reminiscent of Elahrairah's blessings in Watership Down - the monsters in this case hunting down man instead of rabbits, but the feel is similar.There's a lot of familiar things in this actually. Sometimes the art style reminds me of something like Samurai Jack, sometimes of bits of Kino's Journey. But it never feels derivative, and I suspect the similarities are largely just circumstantial based on the simple art style. The story itself is an examination of tradition and faith, of greater goods and greater evils. Despite these themes, however, it remains a very close and personal story to our main characters. It doesn't try to be something larger and sweeping in this volume and I think that's to the book's benefit. Glad I read it and, if you're looking for something a bit humorous and with some cool monsters, its definitely worth a pick-up.