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Hawkeye: Blindspot - Jim McCann, Paco Diaz Luque This was much, much better than I expected it to be.When people are coming back from Clint Barton's past, you have to expect a certain amount of ridiculousness. His particular backstory just lends itself to that sort of thing, and even if it didn't, Clint himself is a bit of a snarker who doesn't much like listening to other people and will quite happily barrel into a trap if he thinks he can out-think the person setting it.My favorite bits of this were actually Clint interacting with Tony and Steve, and even Maria, though I was a little peeved that she seemed to be playing some sort of secretary role?Clint and his brother, who spent time working in a circus under the mentorship of supervillains, has always been a bit of a giggle-inducer for me, but I can respect Clint's climb from that start into a position of relative respect he's earned with neither superpowers nor super intelligence, but just by being very, very good at what he does. This book explores all of that rather well, framed in the idea that Clint may be losing his eyesight and with it the ability to do that one thing well. While there is only really a plot here because of the impending blindness, and Zimo's involvement seems sort of... weird? But overall I liked it.It was also nice to see, in the backup story, his interactions with members of one of my personal favorite superhero teams, the New Warriors.