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Gambit Classic - Volume 1 - Howard Mackie, Chris Claremont, Mike Collins, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Lee Weeks, Bill Jaaska, Jason Gorder A fantastic entry into the history of Gambit, one of the more mysterious X-Men for a time. The book is split pretty solidly in two parts - one where he's teaming up with Storm on a wild mutant thieving spree and protracted escape from the forces of awful. I really enjoyed this half, as Storm is another favorite of mine and the way these two played off one another just worked really well for me. The villains were taken down perhaps a little too quickly or easily, but sometimes in comics, that's just the way.The second half saw Gambit facing down his past and Rogue having to face her own, in a roundabout way. There was a lot of action in this, though some of the politics got a little muddy to me. Still, another solid arc. :)