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Changeless - Gail Carriger A second great installment in this series. It continues as it started - a fun, often funny, largely unsubstantial steampunk story with many of the best elements of a chick flick and a bodice ripper. This time, a plague of changelessness is turning Vampires and Werewolves mortal and exorcising ghosts. As with the last volume, there's nothing really memorable in this book. Except... well, there is ONE thing (And I find it really funny how I was just talking about the differences between comedy and drama and their presentation in my blog the other day and if I'd read through the end of this book then, I probably would have used this as an example. The one memorable thing I'm taking away from this book is when Alexia's husband all but leaves her because she's pregnant. The characters were always pretty well rounded before that, but this was the first time I felt a true, deep emotion in this series as my heart just BROKE for Alexia.Overall, its light and fluffy and I think it's pretty entertaining if you don't mind a healthy dollop of sloppy romance on the side. :)