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Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Vol. 1 - Yura Ariwara, Mahiro Maeda I'd been wanting to see the anime version of this, but when an opportunity to pick up the manga version presented itself, I grabbed it. After all, it would give me a look at exactly how this adaptation of "The Count of Monte Cristo" was going to go, and I've often loved both the anime and manga versions of a story for very different reasons.Hoo boy, what a mistake.Well, I guess it did give me a good feel for what the anime will likely be like, the lengths to which it will go, and that's good. And I think I do like the story. But this book not only has some pacing problems, but it also feels like its weirdly focused.This first volume is, I think the best of the lot. Bringing the focus in tight on the friendship and experiences of two young friends on vacation to Luna, and then slowly drawing back to reveal the Count as he insinuates himself into their lives worked really well, and gave me high hopes for the series that were not realized in later books. The art is okay, but with so many enchantingly beautiful or strongly grim manga out there and with the visual flair of the anime, it fell a bit flat.