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The Emperor's Soul - Brandon Sanderson My first thought, before I'd even looked at the title or anything beyond that this was a book by Sanderson... "Where's the rest of it?"Indeed, I'm so used to Sanderson stretching his stories over hundreds and hundreds of pages that I sort of felt like this might be only half a story. Still, it was Sanderson, so I was willing to give it a go.So glad I did. I don't think this is my favorite of his books, but I do love the tight focus, the lack of side plots, the delving just into what makes a person - for while the main plot of this story is based around who the Emperor was as a person, its also a study of how people come to know one another and we get to understand our main characters nearly as well. I think if people are on the fence about delving into Sanderson's worlds, this may be the book I recommend they start with. It has all the hallmarks of his work - the diverse and nuanced characterization, the intriguing magical systems and the plots that get you invested right quick. Its a fantastic book and a quick read.