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Diosamante - Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jean-Claude Gal Let's start with this - there is a lot of sexual assault and one relationship of at least dubious consent in this book. If you're triggered by that, keep this in mind if you read this book.I really wish I could give this separate ratings for art and writing in this book, because the art in this is gorgeous - detailed and sweeping and incredible. Worth five stars, I think. But the story...If you've seen one "a proud, cruel woman has to be put in her place" story, you've really seen them all, more or less. I get that applying a 2012 sensibility to older works can be problematic, and so can applying my American view of things on a work created by people of another country. That being said, the theme continues throughout, though I took it as a part of a cruel person reforming themselves and learning about life and justice and kindness the hard way. But the scene with her fight with the monkeyman and the following pages... I almost just put the book down right then and there, and maybe I should have, beautiful art or no. I don't know if this is some obscure fetish or what. And then, the story seems to think its all okay, because it was really her beloved who... ugh. That doesn't make it better, book. That makes her beloved really, really gross.The overall feel of this book has a lot in common to me at least with some movies - the Sinbad movies, or Ben Hur, or The Ten Commandments. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but those are the sorts of tones that this put me in mind of. Aside from that, the dialogue has the problem a lot of older comics have of stilted dialogue, though I suspect at least part of that is style and another part may be the translation. I didn't find it very engaging at any rate.Two stars for the writing, for a final grade of three.