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Abominable Charles Christopher - Book Two Hardcover Limited Edition - Karl Kerschl Volume two of this picks up where the first one left off in terms of quality and enchanting storytelling, combined with lovely moments of humor and some really tender and sad moments.The art is incredible, stark and dynamic, with a lot of detail. But its the story that enchants me every time I start reading this comic - a number of storylines are going on simultaneously, and they vary from deeply serious to mostly funny. The moon bear bits especially stick with me. When they're escaping the circus, and all the other animals start asking - begging, almost mindlessly, for help from them. That moment - that CHOICE, is heartbreaking.We got a new bad guy in this volume and I'm not yet sure what to make of him/ He's self-centered and selfish and immature in equal parts, but he also seems somewhat young. It's hard to judge.Anyway, long story short, recommended. Highly recommended.