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Wolfheart - Richard A. Knaak What a terrible book.First of all, I came into this expecting to read about King Varian. What I got was a lot of over-the-top lolworthy night Elf melodrama, a sort of fantastical soap opera. Well, that's not ALL, I guess. Some other things I got in this novel:1. Flat characters who were largely uninteresting and often oddly morose.2. Plot "twists" so telegraphed they may as well have just printed them on the back cover.3. Wooden dialogue which I guess is appropriate given the previously mentioned flat characters.4. People behaving in completely foolish ways. For example, there's a point where a night elf post is under attack. Some of their flying mounts are wounded or killed, so she sends all the rest out with a message. And I'm thinking WHY??? I'm not even a tactician, but why would you not save one or two in case later messages ALSO need to be sent? And sure enough, they're all torn out of the sky and later on, there's a window during which one of them very well COULD have escaped if there were any left. I guess it was worth it for the basic lore knowledge, but I'd have gotten more enjoyment out of reading an outline of the major points. there's no emotional connection with anyone in this book, or at least there wasn't for me. The potentially touching scene when Anduin tells his father he's leaving is so ham-fisted and clunky I found myself laughing at it instead of sympathizing with either of them. The fact that Varian then beats us over the head with how he doesn't understand his son - and then with his new enlightenment as though we hadn't already SEEN the problem - just makes it feel like Knaak thinks his readers are stupid.And since many of us paid for the right to read this book, I guess we are.