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Redemption in Indigo - Karen Lord What a lovely book this is.Told in a storyteller style, which I love, with a strong female main character who doesn't feel the need to be physically intimidating, which I also love, this had a mythological feel to it that gave it both wide and close scope, if that makes sense.Paama is looking to get away from her glutton of a husband and heads home. Unknown to her, her tendencies that allow her to positively touch those around her have also made some otherworldly beings have their eye on her. In her search just to find happiness for her and her family, she's taken far from all she's even known and made to confront realities she never thought she'd have to deal with.The story is so quick and so wonderfully humorous. There's a great tone to the whole thing, and I love that so much of what happens doesn't have a solidly black and white way to understand it. It's well worth the time to read - I would recommend this story to anyone :)