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Prince of Cats - Ron Wimberly Pretty much everyone knows Romeo and Juliet. But what if the story were to change eras? And settings? And move what part of the story we were seeing?The lives of the youth in Verona are cheap, and a combat ranking is one of the best and easiest ways for them to make their mark. But how can people who live so quickly and so loosely really connect with one another?I found this to be a really entertaining read, and very funny, though if you find Shakespeare's original language impenetrable you won't like this most likely. There were a few textual problems, most usually in the form of bad punctuation. The art is vibrant and varied, with bold, fantastic colors.If anything, I would have liked this to be a little longer, to get a little more into some of the characters and their motivations. I find Romeo and Juliet to be infinitely more enjoyable, however, when Tybalt is more central. :)