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Ashes of Honor (October Daye, #6) - Seanan McGuire I'm not yet sure if this is my favorite book from this series, but I think objectively, it may be the best one yet.The pacing problems from earlier in the series are about completely absent, Toby does a lot of very hero/detective stuff, the interaction of her actions and the human world are noted, there's a good amount of action (if a little more viscera than I'd expected) and a few long-standing plot threads finally get wound up.There was a lot I REALLY liked about this book, but even though I'll try to avoid spoilering too much, I'm tagging this just in case because some things are spoilery just to mention :) The relationship between Toby and Tybalt is FINALLY addressed! I've been thinking for a few books what Tybalt says in this volume about Toby's relationship with Connor, who died in the last book - that he was in love with the person she'd been years before, not who she'd become. I also thought she liked that he was kind and comfortable, but there was never that much chemistry, or at least that's how it felt. Whereas you could always feel the spark between Toby and Tybalt.I also liked that we got to learn a little more about Etienne, a character I've kind of liked from the beginning but who had only appeared in minor roles so far. The plot centers around a time he fell in love with a human and, unknown to him, she got pregnant and gave birth to a changeling. but the changeling's power is threatening to destroy not only her, but all of faerie. That's the detecting around which the novel is based - a massive combination of hide-and-seek and tag, with no real boundaries and some dangerous hiding places. But Etienne really steps up.I'm also getting the feeling that in the next book or two, we should be getting the background on Quentin finally. While he didn't do anything out of the ordinary in this volume, he was involved throughout and the narrative kept dropping little details about his childhood, as well as reminding us with more regularity than I remember before that he's Canadian. In addition, one of the villains takes a special interest in him - Toby has her own thoughts on the reason and she might be right, but this particular villain was pretty smart and knowledgeable, so I suspect something more, especially with the woman specifically mentioning the High King in Toronto at one point.But this is, of course, all conjecture. And if she is right (or if both are right) I did find it interesting to see a variation on the holding someone prisoner and trying to force them to marry you or some such (Not what's stated, but what I think is heavily implied) with a gender reversal. Toby was somehow, for me at least, a lot more relatable in this book. A lot of her earlier traumas were things which I didn't really have a personal experience with, so while I could support her actions and understand them, I couldn't really feel them. But the way she's flinging herself at the world over feelings she doesn't really want to face - that I understand. I also like how very clearly her love of children is deliniated again. Overall, I liked this book. I REALLY liked this book. I'm not sure yet if I like it more than Late Eclipses, but suffice it to say I'll be reading them both many times over in the future. It was gripping, exciting and emotional. One of my favorites on the year, for definitely sure. :)