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No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days - Chris Baty If you're looking for a book about the craft of writing, about the structure of a novel or the arc of a character or the way to weave an entralling plot... pass this one by. That's not what it does, and is not what it's about.This is, instead a book about the sheer basics of writing - About how to sit down, focus yourself on the task, start your book, FINISH your book and enjoy the process along the way. It's based around NaNoWriMo, a one-month book-writing challenge, but it could be invaluable for anyone who keeps saying they want to write a novel but never actually sit down and do the work.This book very much believes that writing is not just some font of inspiration pouring from your fingers to your keyboard, and if you feel otherwise, you may find yourself irritated. But if you believe that part of the fun of writing comes from the work, from pushing through blocks and trying new things even if they don't work or seem silly, this is a great motivational read for you!