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Fairy Tail, Vol. 13 - Hiro Mashima The events at the Tower of Heaven have passed, and Erza invites her family to join Fairy Tail, when they opt not to, instead choosing to see more of the world, we finally get back to the guild, which has two new members. The admittance of Juvia was an expected development, but I was surprised when Gajeel also joined.However, his joining provides the high point in this volume for me. When Jet and Droy confront him later about what he did to them when his former guild attacked Fairy Tail, he just lets them fight and doesn't fight back - even when Laxus carelessly joins the fray with his immensely powerful lightning magic.I love this whole scene. Jet and Droy are in the wrong, but you understand where they're coming from. Gajeel won't fight them because he wants to be accepted by the guild. And Laxus, who pages earlier set into motion the next arc, is shown to be powerful, careless and somewhat uninterested in the well-being of his guildmates. Its a great setup for what happens next, as he takes seven guild members hostage and set the rest of the guild unwillingly into a friend vs friend match all over the city.Alzack! One of my favorite background characters finally moves to the forefront a bit, but man is it in a bad light. :) Still, can't fault him for his devotion to his partner!